A new generation of chatbots

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that can interact with users in natural language through messaging applications, websites, or mobile apps.

A chatbot is often described as a promising expression of interaction between humans and computers. However, how useful and convenient can they actually be?

Many chatbot developers and companies claim that implementing this solution in your business will improve the customer’s experience. This is not a lie. Let’s have a look at the retail market, chatbots are available to assist users 24/7, and they’ll always represent your brand well by providing friendly, helpful service. Interacting with a bot is easy, pleasant, and doesn’t involve any waiting like most traditional support channels. This constant availability and consistency show customers that your brand prioritizes their convenience and their experience.

Depending on how you design your bot, it can answer questions, offer product recommendations, and provide support — at any time of day or night. You can build a chatbot to answer most customer inquiries, but there may be times when a user prefers to speak with a human agent. In those cases, your bot can easily hand off the conversation.

Chatbots seem like a great solution in many scenarios but the fact is that users still percieve that they are talking to a machine or just a computer behind a messanging platform. These facts can impact the whole experience for the user, it can become a tool that is there but doesn’t really have the expected effect.

At Onboard, we have realized this problem and that is why we are proposing a new generation of chatbots. We want users to have a conversation with an actual 3D character that can truly connect and engage with customers. We want to give your brand an actual identity with our AI smart assitants.